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Who are we looking for

Who are we looking for?

The Blue Ridge Presbytery is a diverse group in a primarily small town or even rural context. The kind of planters that we desire here are those that have a passion for reaching their community with the Gospel, especially those who have never been or have given up on church. We desire those that want to serve amongst others, all pulling in the same direction for collaboration and support. We desire those who are open to coaching and shepherding. Finally we desire those that are willing to work alongside those with a variety of emphases in their ministry but one central goal to proclaim Christ.


Financial Support

The Blue Ridge Presbytery has committed to support its new church plants at the rate of $70,000 over the course of 3-4 years depending on the desire of the planter. In addition, specific regions of our presbytery have their own funds, supplied voluntarily by area churches, to further support new church plants. Our great desire is to ease the financial burden of church planters as much as we can so that they can get to the work of spreading the Gospel.


Care and Coaching

Our committee takes the development and care of our church planters very seriously. No one need be alone in planting new churches. Each of our planters are offered and encouraged to take advantage of coaching from one of our seasoned planters to help work through the inevitable challenges that come. In addition, separate members of our committee are tasked with spiritual care of our planters so that they receive the care they need as they spread the Gospel in their mission field.  

Care and Coaching
Hardware Tools


Resources for current and future planters. Here you will find everything from sample policies and procedures to best practices for every phase of your plant.

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